The Interference of Western Culture Concerning Indonesian Culture

It is well known that, all countries in the world have their own culture as their property to be shown as a symbol of the countries. Hence, culture is really important for one country, such Indonesia. Basically, Indonesia is well known as rich country which has many kinds of culture. Most of Indonesia cultures are unique, exotic, and interesting. One of the examples is tourism. It has been proven that many people especially foreigners like visiting Indonesia beautiful tourism.

Normally, culture is the result of human’s cultivation in social environment. Furthermore, every country should keep their own culture as well as possible in order not to be lost by the existence of globalization phenomenon. Unfortunately, Indonesia Cultures are influenced by the existence of western culture.
Based on Anthropology book, every country cannot avoid the existence of globalization phenomenon. Normally, this event is caused by some factors, those are:
1.      Diffusion
            It is a process to spread habit or costume out from a country to other countries. Actually, most of Indonesian’s are doing diffusion in abstract manner, such studying abroad. It is well known that, most of Indonesian’s are studying abroad to have good education. So, when Indonesian is staying in other countries, certainly Indonesian’s culture will be known and followed by the foreigners immediately.
2.      Acculturation
            Basically, it is a big alteration of cultivation which is influenced by other countries culture. Normally, it is caused by the elements of western culture which are received in selection manner.
Those below are the elements of western culture that are easy to be received:
a.       Concrete culture, such wearing tight clothes.
b.      Useful culture, such technology existence.
c.       Culture which is easy to be received by society especially poverty, such food.
Besides, some elements of western culture are difficult to be received by Indonesian. For example is abstract culture, such ideology of other countries. In fact, every country has its own ideology, such “Pancasila” as Indonesian ideology.
Assimilation is changing process which lose a culture which is caused by the differences of culture in one place. In the reality today, every province in Indonesia has different culture. Actually, each culture in every area influenced one other. Then, it gives impact for both areas which are influenced by the culture itself.
In the fact, western culture is leading role to influence our country, Indonesia. It is the proof that, most of Indonesian is following western culture which decrease human’s morality. Due to the fact that, western culture really influence everybody to do everything they want, such as increasing criminality and sexual evil.
Nowadays, Indonesian is easy to get influenced from another culture. Due to the fact that, most of western culture structure has compatibilities with Indonesian’s life. Unfortunately, it has impact for Indonesian. Those below are the impacts of western culture:
1.      Being egoism and individualism which decrease community existence as Indonesia culture
2.      Breaking Indonesia costume and tradition
3.      Being interested in instant life style
4.      Decreasing human’s creativity  
            Today, most of Indonesians are not really care about Indonesia culture. Indonesian really prefer following western culture to keeping Indonesia culture. It has big possibilities that Indonesia culture will be lost. Therefore, Indonesian should have big effort to defend our culture.
            From those problems above, people may have a solution to keep Indonesian’s culture as well as possible. Increasing local superiority to face western culture might be good solution to solve Indonesian’s problem especially in culture sight. So, from the solution mentioned above really help Indonesian to avoid the impacts of western culture.
            So, it goes without saying that, the existence of western culture really influences people morality. Furthermore, it will lose Indonesia culture. So that, Indonesian should be able to keep Indonesia culture as well.

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